How to update WhatsApp on mobile in 2022

How to update WhatsApp with a very easy trick just follow or full blog post.

Hi, my name is Sohail and I am in this blog we will show you how you can update WhatsApp. Sometimes when you lunch WhatsApp and WhatsApp says please update the app. And some can devices automatically update but some devices are updated WhatsApp automatically and you want to update manually. We will show you how you can update WhatsApp manually and how you can update WhatsApp with easy tricks. First of all, let’s start with manually updating WhatsApp.

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Update WhatsApp manually

Step 1:

Uninstall WhatsApp old version from your mobile phone and then search the WhatsApp app on google.

Step 2:

Download WhatsApp latest version from any app store and then now downloading start.

How to update WhatsApp

Step 3:

After downloading go to my files and install the latest version of WhatsApp.

How to install the WhatsApp app?

Click and open then the WhatsApp application and a new screen open. This screen has two options first one is canceled and another one is installed.

How to update WhatsApp

Step 4:

 Now click on the install and it takes a few minutes to install and then your WhatsApp apk is installed.

Note: In this way, you lost some data and this type of app can harm your device in the recommendation is updated using our second method.

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Update WhatsApp Easy

Step 1:

Go to google play store and search WhatsApp if you using an old version of WhatsApp here it says you have an update.

Step 2:

Tap on the update next to WhatsApp messenger. And then it takes a few minutes to update and then open WhatsApp.

How to update WhatsApp

Now your WhatsApp is updated you can update it again and using this method. And this method is not harmful to your device.

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