How to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Hi, my name is Sohail. In this blog post, I will show you how you can disable your Instagram. The important thing you need is a mobile browser or computer to disable passwords. Now just follow our steps to how you can temporarily disable your account on Instagram.

Important: When you deactivate your Instagram account you will lose all data like profile photos videos comments. Now first let’s talk about how to delete accounts on mobile devices and then how to delete Instagram on a Pc or laptop.

Now step by Step:

Step 1 :

First of all, open your mobile browsers like “chrome” “opera” and UC browser. And then search and then enter your password and email and click on login to your Instagram account and then you will land on your Instagram home page.

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Step 2 :

Now click on Instagram your profile picture on the bottom right side of the screen on Instagram on the web browser on mobile. And you will land on your Instagram profile.

Instagram profile on mobile browser

Step 3 :

Click on the “edit profile” from the right side of your Instagram profile picture. Now you will land on the edit “profile screen”.

Temporarily Disable Instagram Account in 2020

Step 4 :

Scroll down and click on the “temporarily disable my account”.And then you will land on another page screen. Important This option is only on a mobile web browser or on pc this option is not in the Instagram app.

click on the Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Step 5 :

On this page select why you disabling to this from the drop-down menu and then re-enter your Instagram password and then click on click on “temporary disable”.

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Temporarily Disable Account

Now your  Instagram account is temporarily disabled now try to log in enter your password and username. You are failed to log in.

How to Disable Instagram Account on pc or laptop

Open a browser like chrome, opera, or firefox and then log into your account. Then you will land on the Instagram home page.

Step 1:

Now step 1 is to click on your profile picture from the top of the home page a then a drop-down appears to click on the profile from this drop-down. Then you will land on the profile account your profile photos and video shown on this page.

Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Step 2:

Then click on the “edit profile” from the right side of your username. Then you will land on the edit profile tap.

Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Step 3:

Make sure you are on the edit profile page and then click on “Temporarily Disable Account” from the bottom of the screen. And then you will land on another page.

Temporarily deactivate Instagram

Step 4:

Now on this page select the option “why you disabling to this account” now click on the down-pointing arrow options will only appear after you’ve selected when you click on this down-pointing arrow. And then enter your password and final click on “disable account”.

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Disable Instagram Account

That’s all now you know how you can Disable your Instagram Account

What is Instragram

In terms of social media, Instagram is the closing digital connector. With lovely visuals and increasingly useful functions, Instagram is effortlessly one of the pinnacle social media platforms in the global. However, like any true matter, there are instances whilst it has to come to a stop.

Whether you want a brief social media detox or you’re looking to go off the grid all the time, this manual will train you the entirety you want to know approximately deactivating your account earlier than you delete Instagram completely.