How to Download Facebook Data (Messages, Posts, Pictures)

Using this method you can easily save or Download Facebook Data like videos, images, posts or many things. You don’t need any external app like Vidmate, Snaptube

Facebook has all data that you uploaded on your Facebook and all data of your messenger like your send SMS and received SMS. And you can download this data anytime. In this blog post, we will show you how you can download your Facebook data.

Facebook makes it possible for you to download all data that Facebook has about you.
This includes information about you when you logged into Facebook and what device you log in to what ads you click, topics that Facebook has identified you as being interested in, conversation history, places you’ve checked in to, and much, much more.
You have to request an information data file from Facebook, which has to create your information file and will notify you when it’s ready to download.
Facebook will Provide information to you in a ZIP file, which you’ll need to unzip to see what’s inside of it. And now, let’s about the steps to request and download your information from Facebook.

How to download your Facebook data on PC or laptop

Step 1.

Open a Web browser on a desktop or laptop computer, navigate to, You’ll land on your Facebook home page.

Step 2.

Click the down-pointing arrow that appears in the menu to the right side of your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page. Then click “Settings.” The General Account Settings page opens.

How to Download Your Facebook Data

Step 4.

Select “Your Facebook information” in the list of options on the left side of the page.

Step 5.

Click on the “View” from the right side of “Access your information” The Download Your Information page appears.

How to Download Your Facebook Data

Step 6.

Click to ” download your information”.  Then you will land on download Facebook information page.

How to Download Your Facebook Data

Step 7.

Now Select “HTML” And Click to create a File 
And Wait for Few minutes Facebook will send you a notification after a few minutes But in some cases, it will take some hours. And you will get receives the notification.

How to Download Your Facebook Data

Step 8.

When you receive a notification click and open this notification and then click to download.

Step 9.

Navigate to the location where you want to download your Facebook data file, and then click “Download.”
The file will be downloaded as a RAR(Zip) file. The amount of time it takes to download the
data file depends on the size of the file and the speed of your Internet connection. Congratulations! You now know how to request and download all of the information that Facebook knows about you from Facebook.