How to create a poll on Facebook 2020

How do I create a poll on Facebook in New version of Facebook 2020?



What is a Facebook poll?

Facebook is a simple voting system Like a Question and you need multiple suggestions and you can create a Facebook poll. There we have multiple poll types like if you Create change with your friends and you can create a poll and if want to know who is the next prime minister in the US And you add a two or three name in the poll and you can add multiple options.

Now in this blog post, we will let you know how you can create a Facebook poll on Mobile Devices and PC or laptop.

Let’s start with how do I create a Fb poll on mobile devices (iPhone iPad Android).

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Step 1:

Open the Facebook mobile app and log in to your Facebook account. Then you will land on the FB mobile app home screen.

Step 2:

Go to News Feed section And you see some options on the lower side of the news feed section scroll up and Find poll option select poll.

How to create a poll on Facebook poll option

Step 3:

After selecting the poll section you have multi-options.

The first one is “Ask Question”. Here you need to add ad details of your poll.

And the second one is adding options there have two boxes already created for options but if wand to add more options click on the thrid for adding a new option.

Third ones adding images in poll options.

You can add images in poll options click on the gallery icon from the right side of the poll and add pictures from your mobile.

The fourth one is how to delete poll options?

Click on “Cross=x” icon from the right side of the poll options

And the fifth one is Some poll settings Click on the Setting icon from the right side of the add option box click on it. 

create a poll on Facebook

Step 4:

Now there have a two setting in there that is most important for a Facebook poll.

First, one is to allow members to add more options.

If you on this option so all members are able to add new options.

The second one is to allow people to choose multi-options.

If you turn on this option so people can choose multiple options 

Our recommendation: Our Recommendation is turn on these options.

poll settings on Facebook

Step 5:

Then click on the post and now your poll is posted.

NOTE: You can find create a poll option in group new feed.

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Step 1:

Open the browser and search then logging your Facebook account.

Step 2:

Then open any group and go to create a post section of the group. 

Step 3:

In creating a post section you can see the three-dot icon on the right side of creating post pop up.

create a poll on Facebook

Step 4:

Then here you can see the poll option select poll option in this screen.

Step 5:

Now there have multi options in this screen “ask Question” and adding multiple options.

We have detailed explained these options in “creating a poll in the mobile app” scroll up and read details about these options.

But in PC or laptop version have let,s bit deferent from the mobile version.

If you want to add a new option in pc Version there have button“+ add option” in the lower-left side and another poll options button in the lower right side of the screen. Where you can find these options.

The first one is: Allow peoples to choose multi-options.

The second one is: Anyone can add more options.

poll options

For more details go to the mobile section.

Now you know how to create a poll on Facebook for voting.

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