How to Change Your Facebook Email Address

How to change your Facebook Email Address. Your Facebook Primary Email Address is a User name you can use to log in to Facebook and also as the email account where any email notification associated with Facebook will send.

How to Change Your Facebook Email Address on Mobile

First of all, you will need a new email which is not connected with any Facebook account. In this post we will show you how to change your primary email on the mobile app. Basically, Facebook allows you to make changes to your primary email address, or the one you use to log in and receive Facebook notifications. Updating your primary email address is as simple as making a few edits to your settings from either your mobile device or computer.

Step first:

Go and open the Facebook mobile app on your Android iPhone iPad tab. You will come to your Facebook homepage.

how to change Facebook email address mobile screen shoot


Step 2 :

Tap the menu icon in the top right corner(If you are using FB lite, it will show in the lower right corner) which features 3 lines Click and open the menu.

Change Your Facebook Email on mbile

 Step 3 :

Scroll down and go and go to the bottom of the menu. Tap to “setting and privacy” and then you see the list options and then select “Setting” from the list options. The account setting screen appears.

how to Change Your Facebook Email

Step 4 :

Tap to Personal information.

personal information Change Your Facebook Email

Step 5 :

  Tap to Email Address.

Change Your Facebook Email on pc

Step 6 :

Click to “add new email Address”  

Step 7 :

Add a new email address that you want to add and then confirm your password and click to add an email address button. 

Change Your Facebook Email on laptop

Step 8.

You will receive an email address to confirm that.

How to Change Your Facebook Email Adress on Desktop or Computer and PC

Now how to change your email address on a pc or computer?  

Step 1 :

Open your browser and search and then log in to your Facebook account. You will land on your FaceBook home page.  

Step 2 :

Click the drop-down menu on the right corner of the page.

Change Your Facebook Email

Step 3 :

Click “setting” from the list option. The General Account Settings opened.

Change Your Facebook Email setting

Step 4 :

Click the “Edit” on the contact section. The contact section opened.

info Change Your Facebook Email

Step 5 :

Click on the blue text “+ Add another email address” or mobile number. The add another Email dialogue box opened.

add new Change Your Facebook Email

Step 6 :

Enter the Email address that you want to add and then click to add a button. And then Please confirm your password. And then Facebook has been sent to Email in your email account. Then close to this dialogue box.

New add Change Your Facebook Email

Step 7 :

You will receive two emails first one is an email to the email account that’s currently associated with your Fb account informing you that a new email address has been added to your Facebook account The second mail will be to the email account associated with the email address that you are adding to your Facebook account. Click the confirm button from the email body. then webpage appears informing you that your email account has been confirmed.   After Confirmation, Now You have successfully added a new Email Address.

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