How to Change Instagram Password

If you want to change your Instagram password on your device then here you will learn how to change your Instagram Password. In this article, I will Complete Guide you so check it

Step 1 :

Open the Instagram Mobile app Then click on Your Profile Photo in the lower right corner. You will land on your Profile Page.

Step 2 :

Now click on the menu bar from the Right Corner which features three horizontal lines.

How to change Instagram Password 2020 MOBILE SS

Step 3 :

After that click on the Click on setting from the lower of the side of the screen. Now you will land on the setting screen.

Instagram Setting screen ss

Step 4 :

Click on the security. Now you will land on the security page.

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Instagram screen shoot how to change password

Step 5 :

Now Click on the Password And you will land on the password changing screen.

How to change Instagram Password on iPhone or android

Final Step :

Now there have three fields.
First is the Current Password 
The second is New Password 
The third is to Re-enter your New password
Now, First of all, Enter your Old password and new password and then Confirm new password.
Now you know How to Change your Instagram Password
If You see any error in changing the Instagram password You need to log in again and try again to change the password.
What you need to do if Lost your old Password of your Instagram id you need to rest or forget your password with very easy steps.

 change Instagram Password screen shoot

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