CPU X Mod Apk (Pro Unlocked)

CPU X MOD APK is an app that helps display complete information on the CPU hardware of the mobile device being used for you to understand more details of the mobile or tablet computer and make a more appropriate upgrade and change decisions when needed.

NameCPU X (modded)
Size15 MB
PublisherAdalve Technologies Ptd Ltd
Mod InfoPro Unlocked
Available on Play store

Know what is CPU X?

CPU X will be a special application to maximize support for widely used Android smartphone devices. If you have a burning passion for technology, this will be a great forum where you can share with people who know you. The application will provide the most complete and perfect way of a lot of different information about all the device’s components. Also Facebook Lite PC Free Download

Cpu X modded

INFORMATION ABOUT COMPONENTS: Advanced users of electronic equipment will often be very interested in the device’s components. But to be able to check again is a relatively difficult thing with professional requirements when disassembling equipment. Now, you will be able to fulfil your needs very simply through the highly rigorous testing system that CPU X will provide to its users. All components will be provided from basic to complexes, such as processor, core, speed, model, ram, camera, sensor, and more.

BATTERY STATUS CHECK SYSTEM: One of the components that users are most interested in inside their smart mobile devices is the battery. With all electronic devices, they will need to own a reserve of energy to be able to use it throughout a certain period through the battery. Therefore, the battery monitor that the application has integrated will help users see the charging or discharging current in milliampere and the battery’s temperature in the notification. CorelDRAW 2019 Free Download


The application will be the place where all users will be able to fully update the latest information about the technology. You will not need to follow the technical information regularly because the application will be ready to integrate the articles to bring to you anytime. Journalists will quickly update all the latest technology information users through CPU X.

SUPPORT A VARIETY OF USEFUL TOOLS: In addition to that, the program will provide its users with a wide variety of features that are exceptionally helpful in order to enhance the usefulness of the application. The first add will be a ruler function that, by utilizing contemporary sensors, will enable users to obtain precise measurements of real-world objects in terms of both centimeters and inches. Along with that, you will likely be given a compass and some sort of signaling device that can be used in an emergency to help you get assistance. Also Sony Vegas Pro 13 Free Download

Download CPU X APK & MOD for Android
CPU X APK & MOD for Android
CPU X APK & MOD for Android

CPU X App Features

  • The application can help its users to check in detail important information about the components inside the device.
  • It provides its users with a large community with a forum to help update and share technical information.
  • Overall inspection capabilities allow users to know which components in their equipment are damaged and repair them in time.
  • Tracking Internet usage and battery health will help users get the most out of their devices.
  • Many different valuable tools will be integrated so that users can use them quickly in different cases.

Download CPU X APK & MOD for Android

CPU X is a small app that takes up almost no space, with no impact on battery life. But it will help you a lot in knowing about the hardware you are using, along with a series of other useful features. This is an app that should be included in your device if you are interested in learning and learning more about mobile hardware.

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